Event Sponsorship Form


For the MAA to assist their Member Breeders in promoting the Aberdeen Breed in our Regional Footprint

that will positively impact the image of the Breed, the MAA, and it’s Members


  • Must be full year member in good standing

  • Must be event that represents Aberdeen Breed and Midwest Association in way that benefits the breed and

    the MAA positively

  • Request must be submitted and approved by MAA board in month prior to event

  • If approved the MAA will coop with the Breeder(s) at a 50% level no greater than a $250 per event max

  • The reimbursement will be paid by the MAA post event after the applicant has submitted receipts

After the event, please submit to the MAA Director at midwestaberdeenassociation@gmail.com a copy of the bill to be co-sponsored and a picture of the display or booth at the Event.

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Name of Breeder
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Address of Breeder
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