Our Proven Process

1. Get the youth involved.
2. Provide knowledge and expertise.
3. Provide opportunities and markets.
4. Get members a sense of belonging.

Our Core Values

1. Work for the good of all.
2. Provide value to the membership.
3. Show honesty and integrity.
4. Continuously improve.
5. Friendships are important.

A strategic board has a view of looking ahead, an insight to look deeper, and a competency to look beyond.
— Pearl Zhu

2018-19 Board of Directors

  • President: Curtis Ohlde
    TLC Farms - Easton, Kansas

  • Vice President: Doug Schmit
    Schmit Farm - Oakes, North Dakota

  • Treasurer: Eric Kyllo
    Six K Ranch - Blooming Prairie, Minnesota

  • Secretary: Todd Bohlmeyer
    TBJ Farms - Cortland, Nebraska

  • Director: Jeff Schelkopf
    Triple S Cattle - Sutton, Nebraska

  • Director: Todd Matthes
    Birth Right Genetics - Fairfield, Iowa

  • Administrative Support: Kristen Evans

Functional Roles

     1. Serve as the voice and face of the Board of Directors at events.
     2. Preside over and conduct meetings.
     3. Coordinate all communication to the National Board.
     4. Facilitate vision and strategic plan with the Board.
     5. Maintain promotional banners.

     1. Coordinate all committee work.
     2. Coordinate and perform membership recruiting.
     3. Prepare and execute Board elections.

     1. Maintain all budget and accounting functions.
     2. Reconcile checking account and provide Board with bank statements and financials monthly.

     1. Maintain all association records and by-laws.
     2. Record, maintain, and distribute meeting minutes.

     1. Actively work on a committee.
     2. Communicate with and work for members' interests.
     3. Recruit members.

This is a paid position.
     1. Provide new member information and welcome.
     2. Reports to Board and member requests.
     3. Maintain Association calendar and event planning.
     4. Collect membership dues and maintain lists.

This is a paid position.
     1. Build and maintain website.
     2. Update social media and promotions.
     3. Collect Board vision. Provide corresponding marketing and promotion ideas for Board approval.