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New! Bull Sale PRogram

The Midwest Aberdeen Association seeking bulls to develop for an Inaugural Sale in Spring 2020

The Sale Program will consist of 3 Phases.  

  • 1st Phase will be receiving bulls May 22-25, 2019 in Cody, Nebraska.  Bulls will be processed and run the summer on 700 acres of Sandhills grass.  

  • Phase 2 bulls will go to a conditioning yard where they will be conditioned for spring bull sale.  During this phase bulls will be ultrasounded for Back Fat and Ribeye, Semen Tested, Breeding Soundness Examination and weights taken.  

  • Phase 3 will be the conclusion of the Program with bulls being sold in one or two sales depending on overall quality and numbers.  One sale location will be in SW Kansas where Breeding females with Aberdeen influence or carrying Aberdeen influence will be offered.  There are a lot of things to be worked out through this process but an excellent opportunity to group market bulls to breeders looking to add multiple bulls of similar type to their program. ____________________________________________________

Midwest Aberdeen Association Bull Sale Rules Phase 1, 2 & 3

Important Testing Dates:

  • April 30, 2019 - Completed Nomination forms due to Midwest Aberdeen Association

  • May 22 & 25, 2019 - Delivery of bulls and processing Phase 1 at Wobig Ranch Cody, Nebraska

  • November 15, 2019 - Process Bulls, Collect Weights and move to Developer Yard (Tentative & TBA)

  • February 1, 202 - Footnotes & Registration Papers are due.  Commercial heifer entry information due.

  • February 1, 2020 - Final weigh, Ultrasound and Breeding Soundness Exams

  • February 15, 2019 - Catalog fee of $150/hd due.

  • April 4, 2020 - Bull & Commercial Female Sale, Dodge City, KS (Tentative)

  • May 5, 2020 - Bull Sale @ Phillips Livestock Bull Day, Phillips, SD (Tentative)


Requirements for Entry:

  1. Only registered American Aberdeen bulls are eligible for the Midwest Aberdeen Bull Sale program.

  2. Must be a dues-paying member of the Midwest Aberdeen Association.

  3. Completed nomination forms must be received at Midwest Aberdeen Association, no later than April 30, 2019.

  4. Entries may be emailed (midwestaberdeenassociation@gmail.com), filled out online on our website, or mailed to Kristen Evans, 808 Stonehill Drive, Sherman, IL 62684 Attn: MAA Bull Sale. Nominations are limited to first 75 entries, maximum.

  5. Recommended Vaccine Regimen for Bulls Entering Feedlot form and Nomination Forms are to be completed and required to accompany each bull to Phase 1 drop off. These forms can be located on our Midwest Aberdeen Association website, www.midwestaberdeenassociation.com.

  6. All Percentage Bulls (minimum ¼ Aberdeen) must be born between August 1, 2017 to 1-June 1, 2018, Full Blood Bulls must be born between January 1-November 15, 2017 to be eligible for the Spring Test. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis by the Committee.

  7. Bulls must have legible tattoos that match the registration certificate.

  8. Bulls must be delivered to Midwest Aberdeen Association “Contractor” – Wobig Ranch by Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 1 o’clock pm.

  9. The Sale Committee/Contractor has the right to refuse entry to any bull that is deemed to be unacceptable (health, structural soundness, disposition, etc.) at the time of delivery or anytime throughout the testing period as determined by the Sale Committee and/or a veterinarian.

Health Requirements:

  • The recommendations, listed on the Recommended Vaccine Regimen for Bulls Entering Phase 1, constitute the health program for bulls. It is in your best interest to protect the health of your bulls. A completed form of the Recommended Vaccine Regimen for Bulls entering Program is required when bulls enter Phase 1. The form can be located on our website, www.midwestaberdeenassociation.com.

All bulls need PI tested with documentations, if not they will be tested at Phase 1 location upon arrival.

Testing Program:

Bull development is something MAA Sale Committee takes very seriously. Developing bulls is more like an art, and it is something that will impact how a bull is going to perform his entire life. We will develop these bulls in a way that creates an honest appearance and in similar conditions that they are going to see when out breeding cows. Asking bulls to perform like a feedlot steer and then expecting him to go out and breed his 35 cows is something that is not going to happen. All the bulls are pastured together where they all receive the same treatment. Nothing is sorted off and no special rations or catering is given to poor performing bulls. If they cannot perform under the same conditions as their contemporaries, they are culled. This allows the bulls to sort themselves out; and the bulls with superior fleshing ability and structural correctness rise to the top.

They will be turned out on grass in early spring with lots of room to just “be bulls”. They are pulled off grass in Mid/late-November and are then evaluated for not only performance, but for structural correctness and fleshing ability. The bulls that have met our expectations will then be put on a high roughage ration. They will all stay in one big group and once again will all receive the same treatment. We want to sell the kind of bulls that “Stockman” can put their trust in.

The Midwest Aberdeen Sale Committee will also decide any disputes or decisions that need to be made.

  1. The reports will all be posted online.

  2. All bulls will be carcass ultrasounded to determine ribeye area, backfat thickness, and percent intramuscular fat (marbling).

  3. Any bulls removed must be approved by the MAA Sale Committee, have all incurred bills paid in full.

  4. Breeding soundness guarantee guidelines – Any unsettled claim between buyer and seller may, at the discretion of the MAA Bull Sale Committee be satisfied by issuing credit in the following years sale against another bull from that consignor. The value of that credit will then be deducted from that consignors proceeds from the sale. If the consignor does not return to the sale the following year, or otherwise satisfy the claim, the board and the test manager may then, at their discretion, issue credit towards another bull from any consignor in the sale. The value of this credit will then be shared by the MAA Bull Sale as a sale expense.

Sale Requirements:

  1. Bulls must have a minimum scrotal circumference which will be announced by committee at a later date.

  2. All bulls eligible for the sale must pass a breeding soundness exam administered by a veterinarian. Breeding soundness exams will be performed immediately after the conclusion of the test. Consignors with bulls that fail will be notified immediately.

  3. Consignors must declare any changes for the sale by February 1, 2020. Changes to the sale listing by removing a bull selling will involve a $150 per head charge.

Management of Bulls and Billing Information:

  1. MAA Sale Committee and Contractors are not responsible for any loss of any bulls by injury, death, fire, theft, or any other causes.

  2. The MAA Sale Committee and Contractors have no obligation or responsibility to procure casualty insurance on tested bulls. However, it is suggested that the owner insure his bulls prior to delivery.

  3. Consignors shall be responsible for notifying MAA Committee of any mistakes or errors of collected data, awards, etc. prior to sale day.

  4. Consignors will be billed monthly by Midwest Aberdeen Association for feed, medicine, or other miscellaneous charges (First half of pasture will be due May 1).

Estimated Testing Costs:

  1. Phase 1 - $25 processing per bull payable to Midwest Aberdeen Association due with the nomination form. Pasture & Care $225/bull.  Half due at nomination with remainder billed monthly. Monthly billing also to include actual mineral & salt usage, any bulls treated and fly treatment if needed.

  2. Phase 2 – (Estimated Cost) Trucking to location, $35/hd.  Processing including vaccinations and weighing $20/hd. Daily feed and care $2.50/hd/day.  Testing cost including Ultrasound, BSE and clipping for sale $75/hd.

  3. Phase 3 – (Estimated Cost) All Sale Bulls will pay an entry fee of $150/hd due February 1, 2020.  This will be applied to commission to cover marketing and trucking cost.

    • Trucking $50/hd.

    • All bulls that enter the sale ring will be charged a sale commission on the final price bid or the floor price. Trucking will be included in sale charges.  MAA Sale Committee will make decision on Sale Manager. Prior to the sale a contracted cost of fixed expenses will be sent to consignors.

    • There will be a minimum floor price designated by the committee for all bulls that enter the sale ring, however the consigner can set any desired floor price.

    • Midwest Sale Committee will strive to keep Sale Cost at a maximum of 15%.  Sale cost will vary depending on sale.  In the event numbers are sufficient for two sales, expenses for both sales will be blended to reach an overall sale cost of the program.

  4. Feed, medicine, and veterinary costs are payable to Midwest Aberdeen Association within 10 days after billing. All accounts will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Any delinquent invoices will be charged with an additional 1.5% per month.

  5. Midwest Aberdeen Association retains the right to hold bulls or sale proceeds on accounts not current. For overdue accounts, bulls will not be released to the owner. Accounts over 60 days are subject to MAA Sale Committee selling bull(s) to cover all associated expenses with balance to paid to owner.

Pick up Information:

  1. Bulls not consigned to the sale may be picked up after March 15, 2020.

  2. Bulls in sale, but did not sell, can be picked up at respective Sale Facility.  MAA Sale Committee will assist in transportation but will not be responsible for trucking or any additional cost incurred.

Midwest Aberdeen Bull Sale Chairman - Jeff Schelkopf

Midwest Aberdeen President - Curtis Ohlde

Name *
X $25 per bull
X $225.00 (only half due at entry - $112.50)
If you are not an active member please add $25.00 for a membership

Please click the Bull Entry Spreadsheet to obtain the spreadsheet needed for each bulls registration information this can be emailed to us at midwestaberdeenassociation@gmail.com.

We will then invoice you or you are welcome to send a check & your entry information to Kristen Evans, 808 Stonehill Drive., Sherman, IL 62684.